-About the Collection-

We have had the privilege to fly over California for several decades recording time in pictures.

Some of of our images have been used for consulting, mitigation, presentation and aerial documentation along with print and media publication worldwide. This large historical and contemporary aerial image collection of California is now available online for purchase. Newly created images are added regularly particularly in the San Francisco and Los Angeles urban regions. It is a professionally produced and updated archive saved for current and future generations of now and then.

Since the mid 1980's the collection has grown to several hundred thousand images. Each image you see represents many more unseen variations, often over multiple years. A group of royalty free and optional rights managed aerial images for download/printing. Subscription rates are also available that allow a set number of royalty free image downloads for one price, monthly, with no contract.

This website is designed to be easy to engage and navigate for the user. With clear, simple terms and pricing. Customer support is always available to fill requests for additional archive images, retain our services for new custom images and to answer any questions you may have.

It includes a wide variety of images from large major cities to small rural farms. From just south of the Oregon border to a few feet north of Mexico. From the Sierra mountains to the California coastline. Major construction projects, dams, bridges, freeways, structures, universities, lifestyles, sports, events and more. California is impressive, with all five of the worlds major climate zones and over 39 million people. It is a special part of the world, especially from above.

-San Francisco Bay with Golden Gate Bridge and Marin County Headlands. circa 2018-


“There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.” 

-Ansel Adams-

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